Glass Intel was founded by Yuri Cameron and Elijah Olmos. Its purpose is to be a place where they can show off their work. Read a bit about the founders below.

Elijah Olmos
My favorite subjects are math, chemistry, and computer science. I like to code, play music, and collect cards. In my free time, I goof around with Rubik's Cubes or play Xbox. I particularily enjoy Overwatch and Star Wars Battlefront. A few of my select titles include Harry Potter, The Kingdom Keepers, and The Phoenix Files, among other things. Some of my non-fiction favorites include Imagine Heaven and law-related books, such as Law for Dummies and The Runaway Jury- which is a fictional story, but it contains many events that could very much happen in real life.

Yuri Cameron
I enjoy robotics, reading, and talking. My favorite subject in school is geometry, because of the logic involved. I am (as said) on a pretty good robotics team and every year we get a new game and compete with other teams hoping to take the trophy and medals home with us. I also have a good collection of books ranging from The God Delusion (by Richard Dawkings) to Systematic Theology (by Wayne Grudem), and Future Grace (by John Piper). I love discussing subjects in Theology (such as early church history) and taking Theology classes. These classes encourage in-depth discussions and the study of the Bible. Most importantly, though, the Lord loves me and I love Him, and that I want to please Him.